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The 2009 Winners On 21 October, at Sala Marconi in Cittą del Vaticano, the international jury of Religion Today 2009, composed by Paola Pannicelli (Rai producer), Mordechai Vardi (director of the Screenwriting Department of the Ma'ale Film School), Iouri Goroulev (director of the Belarus Film Festival Magnificat), Lassaad Jamoussi (screenwriter and teacher at the University of Sfax) and Ali Vazirian (filmmaker and artist, winner of Religion Today 2008), confered the following awards:

Religion Today Award "In the Spirit of Faith":
DIARIO DI UN CURATO DI MONTAGNA (Diary of a Mountain Curate) by Stefano Saverioni (Italy)
By connecting the theme of service to the Church in a small corner of the world to that of a spiritual search through artistic creation, this documentary, with its imagery and bright colours, creates a highly aesthetic visual atmosphere.

Best Film:
DOUBT by John Patrick Shanley (USA)
For its evident cinematographic quality, supported by outstanding acting; for its balanced mise en scene; for the screenplay and narration in which compassion and mercy on the one hand are paired with strictness and austerity, creating a constant dramatic tension rich in emotions.

Best Short Film:
GOD SEES by Reza Jamali (Iran):
The gentle style of filming, the provocation of the ironic and sometimes comic tone, do not detract from the power of this short film's theme. Forgiveness and asking for forgiveness, remains at the forefront for the spectator, who is inevitably drawn in by the simple yet dramatic story of the leading character.

Best documentary:
LEAVING THE FOLD by Eric Scott (Canada):
An extraordinary documentary which fully exploits the expressive possibilities of story-telling through images. The rhythm unfolds via the scansion of the narrative structure, which is both meticulous and attentive to the principles of cinematography. A moving testimony which draws you in despite the distance between the author and the protagonists.

Special Mentions:
- A NUN'S NEW HABIT by Robyn Hughan (Australia)
- HER MATE'S BOYFRIEND by Przemek Mlynczyk (Poland)
- NEW MUSLIM COOL by Jennifer Taylor (USA)
Three works which highlight the constant search for meaning, focusing on social change and the virtue of knowledge. The camera accompanies the protagonists on life's sometimes uncertain journey; taking us back to the extraordinary story of conversion and faith. The style and language highlight the relationship between the author and the protagonists, a worthwhile and necessary choice for transmitting emotions.

This year a special prize has again been awarded by a SIGNIS jury (World Catholic Association for Communication), composed of Serge Goriely (director and teacher at the Centre d'etudes theatrales Universite' catholique de Louvain), Alessandro Minestrini (artistic director Film Festival Popoli e Religioni), and Samuel Olusegun Job (Universita' Pontificia Salesiana); other prizes were awarded by the special juries in the cities of the Festival.

Signis Award:
FAMILY ON THE EDGE by Gilad Goldschmidt (Israel)
On the basis of a family experience that could look anecdotical, the director manages to evoke metaphorically the mystery of the spiritual challenge of a community. With intelligence, originality and humour, he tackles successfully a present issue and underlines the values of unity and respect in family life, of endurance in the face of basic challenges and of acceptance of one's limits.

Signis Special Mention:
EVERY NIGHT, LONELINESS by Rasoul Sadrameli (Iran)
With a true sensibility and a high sense of cinematographical language, the film recounts the struggle of a couple trying to escape despair. It points out the importance of the quest as such and also the need of the gift to the other. The final result of the film helps us to reflect on human fragility and our capacity to respond when confronted with adversity.

Best Television Film:
GEVALD! by Yohai Hakak e Ron Ofer (Israele)

Young People and Communication
Special jury of students from the FSC Universita' Pontificia Salesiana:
EVERY NIGHT, LONELINESS by Rasoul Sadrameli (Iran)

Journeys of Faith
Special jury of Amici di Religion Today:
IMPARARE DAL MONDO by Silvio Cattani (Italy)

Parents and Children
Special jury from Lisignago:
MUSIC BOX by Farzad Motamen (Iran)

Special Jury from Valle dei Laghi Š Memory of Massimo Prevedello:

Rites and Beliefs
Special Jury from the Nomadelfia Fraternity:
THE SACRED DANCER by Diego D'Innocenzo (Italy)

Complex Identities
Special jury from Trentino-Alto Adige/Suedtirol:
LEAVING THE FOLD by Eric Scott (Canada)

Religion and Society
Special Jury of journalists from Trento:
ZEN'S WAY by Law Suk Yi (Hong Kong)

Inter-religious Dialogue
Inter-religious dialogue jury from Trento - Don Silvio Franch:
ACROSS THE RIVER by Abbas Armadi Motlagh (Iran)

Born from Above
Special Jury of young people from Trento:
NEW MUSLIM COOL di Jennifer Taylor (USA)

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