Saturday, 28th of September

Trento, Villa Sant’ignazio Via delle Laste, 22 

h.5:00 pm

Life stories from S. Ignacio de Mojos, Bolivia, and screening of the documentary with the presence of Father Fabio Garbari.

In collaboration with 

Amici di Villa S. Ignazio


Wednesday, 2nd of October

Trento, Fondazione Caritro, Via Calepina 1

h.5:00 pm

Opening of the photographic exhibition 

Young people on cinema’s roads photos by Religion Today’s young collaborators in Bangladesh and Nepal

Trento, Cantine Ferrari, via del Ponte 15

h.5:30 pm

Opening ceremony coinciding with Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary. 

With Amita Shankar and Galina Evtushenko

DOC Film Ses-qui-centenaryi of Marc Norfolk, UK, 20’ (In the spirit of peace).

It’s been 150 years since Gandhi’s birth. This short film looks at his role in freeing India.



Thursday, 3rd of October

Trento, Fondazione Caritro, Via Calepina 1

h.9.30 am

Opening of the photographic exhibition 

Heroes Without Capes

The posters of Aurora Vision’s mission-themed films designed by Giacomo Martinoli


Coffee with a Missionary from Trento.

The silence of missions

Trento, Teatro San Marco, via San Bernardino 8


Books around the world, by Edizione del Faro, and talk with the author.


DOC Covered Up of Rachel Elitzur, Israel, 52’ (religion withe the eyes of woman, DIRECTOR)

After divorcing, Rachel asks for permission to remove her wig, an unusual move in ultra-Orthodox society.


DOC Voci dal Silenzio, of Joshua Wahlen and Alessandro Seidita, Italia, 45’ (best documentary, grand prize of faith, DIRECTOR)

A journey from north to southern Italy to narrate the experience of hermits within the different religious traditions.

h.7:00 pm

DOC Sacrist of Luka Klapan, Croazia, 17’  (peoples and religions)

In Novigrad, Stipe is one of the few who still haven’t lost faith, and the last witness of the local traditions.

In a village in Georgia, the only woman left is an aspiring 92-year-old. 

DOC 100 Faces of Benjamin Till, Regno Unito, 14’ (top short documentary)

A musical postcard from the UK Jewish community to the rest of the world.

h.8:00 pm

SHORT Sagrada Familia. Bible on Stone of Jordi Roigé i Solé, Spagna, 11’ (peoples and religions)

Antoni Gaudi shows the beauty of creation through light, nature and architecture in the Sagrada Familia.

SHORT Behind the Moon of Samrat Chakraborty, India, 23’ (new looks)

An artist earns his livelihood by means of engraving images of mosques and temples on grindstones.

DOC Carving the Divine of Yujiro Seki, Giappone, 40’ (New looks DIRECTOR)

A rare and intimate look into the life and artistic process of the Busshi, practitioners of  a 1400-year lineage of woodcarving.

h.21:30 pm

DOC Beloved of Yaser Talebi, Iran, 54’ (religions with eyes of woman REGISTA)

The striking portrait of one of the last female herders working in the traditional way, an indomitable 80-year-old who chooses independence and lives alone in nature.

SHORT Third kind of Yorgos Zois, Grecia, 30’ (top short, migration and coexistence)

Tre archaeologists return to Earth, which has been abandoned by humans who have found refuge in outer space.




Rovereto, Sala Filarmonica

h.8:30 pm 


Concert “Peace harmony” Magnificat vocal and string ensemble from Jerusalem



Friday, 4th of October

Trento, Fondazione Caritro, Via Calepina 1

h.10:00 am

Coffee with a Missionary from Trento.

Trento, Università degli studi di Trento, Aula Kessler, via G. Verdi 26

h.9:30-12:30 am

Seminar: Cinema, religions and journeys

By Giovanna Rech and Andrea Morghen

With Godfrey Omorodion, founder and director of Benin City Film Festival

and Prof Galina Evtushenko, professor of Cinema at Russian State University

In collaboration with the department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento

Identity and mission 

Trento, Teatro San Marco, via San Bernardino, 8

h.2:00 pm

“The secret of human being”: meeting with Sufi Master Sheikh Esref Efendi From the order of the honorable Naqshibandiyya Rabbaniyya

h.4:00 pm

Books around the world, by Edizione del Faro and talk with the author.

h.5:00 om

DOC Abyssinia Ethiopia meeting point of Denis Khalifa, Francia, 50’ (new looks)

An Ethiopian Jew and an Orthodox Christian take us into the heart of Ethiopia’s history and religious traditions  and the spectacular Ethiopian Epiphany.

SHORT Ius Maris di Vincenzo D’arpe, Italia,15’ (migration e coexistence)

Yassine was born and raised in Lecce by Moroccan parents. Through the sea and surfing, the difficult integration process will come true.

h.6:15 pm

DOC Outback Rabbis of Danny Ben-Moshe, Australia, 77’ (best documentary)

Two Rabbies and their families head on an exciting road trip into the heart of Australia.


DOC Between God and I of Yara Cosat, Mozambico, 60’ (top documentary, gran prize)

The documentary sheds light into the humanity of young women who are making radical religious choices and its implications in a broader context of religious conflicts.

SHORT Intihar of Yerboluly Nurbol, Kazakhstan, 15’ (peoples and religion)

Do we have the right to terminate one’s life? The main character wakes up in an unfamiliar place, not remembering yesterday


DOC Mustafa the Imam of Lesbos of Elma Neykova, Grecia, 18’ (migration e coexistence)  

The documentary deals with the difficult duty of Moustafa Dawa in the island of Lesvos; the Muslim burials of the refugees that crossed the sea. 

FEA Sincerely Yours, Dhaka of Nuhash Humayun, Bangladesh, 134’ (migration e coexistence)

11 vignettes by 11 Bangladeshi filmmakers come together to tell fragmented stories about Dhaka City itself.



Rovereto, Campana dei Caduti, Colle di via Miravalle

h.8:00  pm

800 years since the meeting between St Francis and the Sultan

DOC The encounter of Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami, Italia, 20’ (out of competition)

Recalling the encounter between Francis and the Sultan, Father Murray travels to Jerusalem on the traces of the Sufi Naqshabandi and the late Sheikh Bukhari, promoter of nonviolence and interreligious unity.

Pergine Teatro Don Bosco, via Regensburger

h.8:45 pm

Screening of the competing films

In collaboration with

Noi Oratori Pergine


Saturday, 5th of October

Parco Santa Chiara via Piave, Trento

h.2:00 pm

Steps in the desert: interreligious prayer for faraway missionaries 


Trento, Teatro San Marco, via San Bernardino, 8

h.3:00 pm

FEA Wild Jonquils of Raqbar Ghambari, Iran, 87’ (new looks, in he spirirt of peace)

After a warrant from the government stating that a small school should shut down, the teacger goes to neighbouring villages to convince parents to send their children to school.

SHORT In the field of Oleksandr Shkrabak, Ucraina, 20’ (new looks)

After his son’s death, a father goes on a journey to the combat zones in eastern Ukraine to look for the body.

h.5:00 pm

SHORT A Little Red Car of MD. Abid Malick, Bangladesh, 14’(new looks)

Lakshmi, a motherless girl, asks her father to bring a red car for her from town.

SHORT Rumbu of Remy Mazet, Francia, 25’ (new looks DIRECTOR)

Aurélie has to unwillingly spend her holidays with her father, which turns out to be an unexpected initiatory journey.

h.6:00 pm

DOC My Father’s Son of Hillel Rate, Israele, 32’ (best doc in the spirit of faith DIRECTOR)

Gershon is a charismatic and spiritual man. His son Moshe tries to follow his footsteps, but when he starts to examine his own life the relationship between father and son beings to tear.

DOC Fathers, Adrian Duré, Germania, 47’ (best doc in the spirit of faith DIRECTOR)

Six fathers. Six countries. One shared experience: Being a father. Because the important values of fatherhood are the same everywhere.

h.9:00 pm

SHORT On the Border of Wei Shujun, Cina, 15’ (top short, migrations and coexistence)

In a border village, a Chinese teenager of Korean roots aspires to join South Korea. He tries by all means to realize his dream.

FEA Laces by Jacob Goldwasser, Israel, 98'
Gadi is a child-adult with mild retardation, he has a unique sense of humor, an infectious laugh and endless optimism. His mother’s sudden death forces Gadi to move temporarily to the house of his biological father, from whom he’s been estranged most of his life.

h.11 pm

Difficult choices

SHORT Ashmina di Dekel Berenson, Nepal, 15’ (religions with eyes of woman DIRECTOR)

In an impoverished country, rife with contradiction, a young girl is torn between her obligation to her family and the influence of foreign visitors.

SHORT Shmil di Baruch Rosenstein, Israele, 32’ (best short)

When Shmil is expelled from a prestigious Yeshiva, he will do anything to return.



Sunday, 6th of October

Trento, Teatro San Marco, via San Bernardino, 8

h.11:00 am

Books around the world, by Edizione del Faro and talk with the author.

“Missione dialogo”

Trento, Teatro San Marco, via San Bernardino, 8

h.3:00 pm


CAR Mute Noise di Zaid Shukur, Iraq, 2’ (film for our future)

A short animated film comes with a simple idea about learning how to get rid of any inconvenience.

CAR People of the Book di Ofer Winter, Israele, 15’ (film for our future)

A series of animation shorts explaining basic Jewish concepts in Arabic to the Muslim world, as an attempt to create a bridge of understanding between the two cultures.

CAR Identity di Alireza Salehi, Iran, 6’ (film for our future)

An old man wakes up and sees himself in the mirror without his face.

CAR iRONY di Radheya Jegatheva, Australia, 7’ (film for our future)

Un film che esplora le relazione tra l’uomo e la tecnologia… dalla prospettiva di un telefono.

A film that explores the relationship between man and technology...told from the perspective of a phone.

SHORT It’s not a Towel! di  Laura Solis, Mexico, 7’ (film for our future)

Il primo giorno di scuola, Putri incontra Nabila, una bambina che indossa l'hijab. Chiedendosi cosa sia, prova a cercare una spiegazione che nessuno riesce a darle.

On her first day at school, Putri meets Nabila, a girl who wears a hijab. She wonders what is is, but nobody can give a proper explanation to her.

h. 4:00 pm

DOC Freddy "Si yo puedo tú puedes" di Germán Bertasio, Argentina, 49’ (nuovi sguardi)

Freddy è nato senza gambe e con un braccio solo. Che sia sullo skateboard o sul surf, a soli tredici anni Freddy sorride sempre, sognando di diventare un campione.

Freddy was born without legs and with only one arm. With only 13 years old, either sliding on his skateboard or surfing, Freddy is always smiling, dreaming of becoming a champion.

h. 6:00 pm

DOC Knitted Beliefs di Salman Alam Khan, Pakistan, 15’ (Nello spirito della pace)

La storia di Narayanpura, dove Indù, Sikh e Cristiani vivono in armonia e pace con la maggioranza musulmana.

The story of Narayanpura, where Hindus, Sikhs and Christians are living in harmony and peace with Muslims. 

h. 8.30 pm

DOC Reaching for Zion di Irene Lilienheim Angelico, Canada, 82’ (Miglior colonna sonora)

Donisha Prendergast, nipote di Bob Marley, ci accompagna in un viaggio per capire le radici della straordinaria eredità di suo nonno.

Bob Marley’s granddaughter Donisha Prendergast takes us on a quest to understand the roots of her grandfather’s extraordinary legacy. 



Ending ceremony of the International Archaeological Film Festival, Rovereto


DOC Ani, The nuns of Yaqen gar di Eloise Barbieri, Italia, 53’  (cinemamore)

An immense Buddhist holy site where about 20,000 monastics reside is facing an uncertain future as the Chinese government plans to demolish it.


Monday, 7th of October

Trento, Fondazione Caritro, Via Calepina 1

h. 10:00 am

Coffee with a Missionary from Trento.

Trento,Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), via Santa Croce 77 

h. 5:0 pm


Mission: religions and society

In collaboration with 

Centro per le Scienze Religiose, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK-ISR).


Mission as vocation 

Trento, Teatro San Marco, via San Bernardino, 8

h. 4:00 pm

Books around the world, by Edizione del Faro, and talk with the author.

h. 5:00 pm

DOC Hermanas di Inès Lemaire, Solène Pietrzyk, Francia, 13’ (religioni con occhi di donna REGISTA)

The Adoring Sisters devote their lives to fighting the exploitation of women in Bogota, offering new chances to the victims

FEA Mother Cabrini di Daniela Gurrieri, Italia, 99’ (Religioni con occhi di donna)

The first difficult years of St Frances Xavier Cabrini’s mission with Italian immigrants in the USA.

h. 7:00 pm

FEA Time to retaliate: Masoom di Kumaar Aadarsh, India, 111’ (Nello spirito della pace)

The film is based on true incidents of child abuses.

h. 9:00 pm

SHORT Red Nose di Andreas Kyriacou, Cipro, 21’ (migrazioni e convivenza)

Muhammad is a Palestinian immigrant working in a Cyprus meat factory. When a mysterious woman comes back from his past life she creates tension between him and his boss.

FEA Paangashu di Visakesa Chandrasekarm, Sri Lanka, 85’ (miglior film a soggetto, nello spirito della fede)

A laundered identifies Lionel as one of the paramilitary men who had abducted her son. The pregnant wife seeks forgiveness from the launderer.


Trento, Cinema Modena, viale San F. D’Assisi, 6

h. 8:30 pm

SHORT Bismillah di Alessandro Grande, Italia 14’ (migrazioni e convivenza REGISTA)

David di Donatello Miglior cortometraggio 2018

Samira is a Tunisian little girl who lives in Italy illegally. She finds herself to face a problem that is much bigger than her when her brother gets sick.

FEA Bangla di Phaim Bhuiyal, Italia, 84’ (miglior film a soggetto, nello spirito della fede)

Best Comedy, Nastri d’argento 2019

Phaim is a young Muslim of Bangladeshi origins who lives in a multiethnic neighbourhood in Rome. After meeting Asia, he will have to balance out his love with a vital Muslim rule: chastity before marriage.

Arco, Biblioteca B. Emmert, via Giovanni Segantini, 9 

h. 8.30 pm

DOC Voci dal Silenzio, di Joshua Wahlen e Alessandro Seidita, Italia, 45’ (Miglior documentario, gran premio della fede REGISTA)

A journey from north to southern Italy to narrate the experience of hermits within the different religious traditions.

SHORT Fitna di Rabah Slimani, Algeria, 15’ (religioni con occhi di donna)

Mounir suspects that his sister Feriel has a lover, influenced by his fundamentalist neighbour.

SHORT Driving Lesson di Marziyeh Riahi, Iran, 13’ (religioni con occhi di donna, miglior corto).

According to the laws of Iran, Bahareh must have her traditional, chauvinistic husband accompany her to driving lessons.



Tuesday, 8th of October

Trento, Sala Bernardo Clesio, Centro Missionario Diocesano, Via Francesco Barbacovi 4

h. 4:00 pm 

Islamic Relief Service

In collaboration with the UCOII and Islam Relief Service Italia

Mission in the Islamic world 



Trento, Teatro San Marco, via San Bernardino, 8

h. 4:00 pm

In collaboration with 

Centro Anziani di Trento 

SHORT God’s Will di Tanja Brzakovic, Serbia, 20’ (religioni con occhi di donna REGISTA)

Four nuns are confronted by the greatest examination of their spiritual lives: they must decide what to do with the war criminal they find injured in the woods.

SHORT Andate in Pace di Carmine Lautieri, Italia, 20’ (Miglior corto)

Three devoted gossips come to know that their church will be closed and the statue of the patron saint transferred. They therefore decide to steal the statue.

h. 5:00 pm

SHORT Athyo di jean-pierre abdayem, Libano 17’ (miglior corto)

Worried for her grandfather Abboud, Marine tries to keep him from going out late at night to meet his love. But one night, he goes away...

h. 5:30 pm

In collaboration with 

Forum per la Pace e diritti umani 

FEA Life Again di Reza Fahimi,  Iran, 80’ (nuovi sguardi, film for our future, regista presente)

A middle-aged couple are planning to go to the rest home, but fate forces them to continue life. 

h. 8:00 pm

DOC The land of the Brave di Rhadem Camlian Morados, FIlippine, 29’ (nello spirito della pace- regista presente REGISTA) 

The stories and experiences of a brave group of LGBTQI people in the southern Philippines.

h. 8:45 pm

FEA Between two seas di Anas Tolba, Egitto, 87’ (religioni con occhi di donna)

While on a short visit to her hometown, a small rural island near Cairo, an unexpected incident turns Zahra’s life upside down. 

h. 10:30 pm

DOC The man beyond the limits di Arun N Sivan, India, 50’ (popoli e religioni)

A documentary on the life of Sarvodayam Kurian, whose mission is to serve fellow human beings.

Trento, Cinema Modena, viale San F. D’Assisi, 6

h. 8.30 pm

SHORT Skin di Guy Nattiv, USA, 20’ (Miglior colonna sonora, nello spirito della pace, miglior corto)

Oscar per il miglior cortometraggio 2019

Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film 2019

A small supermarket in a blue collar town, a black man smiles at a 10 year old white boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment will start a ruthless war.

FEA Il vizio della speranza di Edoardo De Angelis, Italia, 90’ (miglior film, miglior colonna sonora, nello spirito della fede)

BNL Audience Award | Rome Film Festival 2018

Maria carries pregnant women across the river, in what seems like an endless purgatory. One day, hope will come back to visit this very woman.

Rovereto, Centro Giovani SmartLab, Viale Trento 47 


War and peace 


h. 8:45 pm

SHORT Battle Fields di Anouar H Smaine, USA, 20’(miglior corto, nello spirito della pace)

A chance encounter between a US Veteran of Iraq whose life spirals out of control because of PTSD and an Iraqi limo driver who lives in LA as a refugee.

DOC The White Spring di Khesrew Heme Kerim, Iraq, 27’ (Popoli e religioni)

Three sisters of one family in which most of the male members were killed tell their story of sex slavery and how they set free from ISIS.

SHORT Terror di Yonatan Shehoah, Israele, 16’ (Nello spirito della pace)

Dan, who suffers from PTSD after being wounded in a terrorist attack, finds himself thrown together with his Arab co-workers when multiple terror attacks hit Jerusalem again.

SHORT Elephantbird  di Masoud Soheili, Afghanistan, 15’ (nello spirito della pace)

On a mini-bus to Kabul, an old man is travelling to give a turkey to his grandchild, as his last wish. However, the main road is blocked by insurgents.

DOC Molokanka di Tatiana Snisarenko,Russia, 30’ (religioni con occhi di donna)

The life of a small community of Russian Molokans. Being under strong pressure for a long time, they managed to keep their beliefs .



Wednesday, 9th of October

Madonna di Campiglio

h.11:00 am

Award ceremony dance show by Dance See Saw Company

In collaboration with 

Azienda per il Turismo Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena


Thursday, 10th of October

Trento, Teatro San Marco, via San Bernardino, 8

From 10am

Screening of the winning films

h. 6:00 pm

FEA Shabi Ke Mah Kamel Shod di Narges Abyar, Iran, 137’ (nello spirito della pace, miglior film a soggetto, nello spirito della fede,)

Abdolhamid and Faezeh get married and begin their life. After discovering that his family are doing illegals, they escape to Pakistan, but there they meet Abdolhamid’s brother who is a terrorist.

h. 8:30 pm

Closing ceremony with concert by the Fuori Tempo Orchestra



10 ottobre 


Bolzano, Istituto Rainerum - Salesiani Don Bosco, Piazza domenicani 15

h.10:30 am

Matinee for schools

FEA Il vizio della speranza di Edoardo De Angelis, Italia, 90’ (miglior film, miglior colonna sonora, nello spirito della fede)


Tuesday, 15th of October

Rovereto, Centro Giovani SmartLab, Viale Trento, 47 

h. 8:45 pm

Proiezione film in concorso e/o presentati nelle precedenti edizioni.

Screening of competing films and/or films from the past editions.


Monday, 28th of October

Roma, Università Pontificia Salesiana, Piazza dell’Ateneo Salesiano, 1

Seminario Religion Today Film Festival 2019 

In collaboration with 

Faculty of Sciences of Social Communication 

Programma scuole

Per orari e proiezioni: 


All the events are free except for the screenings at Cinema Modena

(full price €7, reduced €5 - for information


The schedule might vary; for information and updates: