Religion Today, 62 films in the official selection

Friday, 27 July, 2018
62 films from 28 countries in the world, selected from 450 submissions, will be part of the 21st Religion Today Film Festival. They explore beliefs, waits, and values of younger generations; histories of migration and interreligious dialogue, and the gaze "religions with women's eyes". Youngsters and faith, faces of women in religions, experiences of interreligious dialogue, peace and rights, histories of migrations between identities, dialogue and conflict in plural societies. These are only a few of the deep and complex reflections at the centre of the 62 films (fiction, documentaries, and...


Saturday, 21 October, 2017
The special juries and international jury have awarded the prizes to the winning films of the 20th Religion Today Film Festival “Twenty years that changed the world”. A double win for the latest film by Ermanno Olmi “Vedete, sono uno di voi”, on the emblematic figure of Cardinal Martini, which was awarded both the Grand Prize In the Spirit of Faith and the SIGNIS jury prize. Also awarded were “The Chop”, an entertaining British short film on coexistence between Jews and Muslims and “Returnee”, an intense Kazakh film. Read more


Sunday, 20 August, 2017
We are delighted to announce our Official Selection for the 20th Religion Today Film Festival (13-22 October 2017). The competition will include 41 films from 28 countries all over the world, selected from more than 420 which were submitted to the competition. A retrospective will also be held (TBA). Besides the prizes that will be awarded by the International Jury , the SIGNIS Jury , the Jury of the Trentino film festivals' coordination and the Inter-faith Jury Municipality of Arco , two further awards will be granted among all the selected films: the "In the spirit of Peace" prize which...