How is the female religious experience represented? What are gender relations like between different religions and contexts? Which differences emerge from the depiction of different religions?

This year’s Festival theme will be explored at several events which continue the long-term partnership between Religion Today and the FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler, through the new Netflix series with the help of augmented reality technology and semantic analysis of natural language.

via Santa Croce 77

Organized by the centres for religious sciences and information technology

Saturday 8 October, 10.30, Aula Grande
Talking about Netflix: religious and gender issues within TV series

New audio-visual frontiers: TV series tackle the theme of religion and gender relations in a profound and innovative way. This is the case with various Netflix productions, such as Orange is the New Black and Sense8. Starting from the automatic extraction of keywords from the subtitles and reviews of two series carried out by the Digital Humanities group of the FBK-ICT, the seminar will explore these under the profile of body language, subjectivity and gender differences also in relation to the practice of religious faith. With the participation of Alberta Giorgi (Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra), Marco Stranisci (Benvenuti in Italia) and Federica Turco (Università di Torino).

Thursday 13 October, 17.30, Aula Grande
From Eve’s point of view. Religions and gender relations 

As active figures crucial to religious traditions, women have often been penalized by the handing down of religious knowledge, mostly by men for the use of other men, but today we are witnessing the birth of new models and roles for women in religions. Why do women actively go along with this way of worship despite the fact that in many religions they are excluded from the organization of the very faith they belong to? What can female prominence in many religious movements be attributed to? Three religious women will talk about these themes - Nibras Breigheche (Muslim theologian), Elena Seishini (Buddhist monk), Selene Zorzi (Catholic theologian and former nun) - in dialogue with Anna Fedele (Center for Research in Anthropology - Lisbon University Institute).

Saturday 8 October - Saturday 15 October, Main Hall 
Still-frame: an augmented reality exhibition on women and religions
Augmented reality, as prophesied by science-fiction films in the 80s and 90s, is now widespread and suitable for many uses: from centralized home automation to artistic installations. The Festival will host a themed exhibition based on this technology. Twenty pictures, twenty still shots from films which, when focused on by a smartphone, will activate certain extracts and other information to guide the visitor through a cinematic itinerary on the relationship between women and religions.
Times: Mon-Fri 9.00-19.00, Sat 9.00-12.30.