Opening Event

Historically in religions the female figure has been overshadowed. One might even think that “God is angry at women”. In our times, however, not only stereotypes but also the profound image of what being a woman means, or a man, or a couple, appears to be in a constant state of flux. Is it really so? Moreover, does such a thing as a male or female theology – and cinema – even exist?

These are just some of the questions which will introduce the theme of this year’s Festival right from the opening night, on Friday 7 October 2016. The inspiration behind the agenda is the image chosen for this year’s poster. In speaking about male and female, in fact, the Bible – like many sacred texts – does not propose an essay but a story. It speaks of ribs, gardens, fruit and the sound of footsteps in the morning. There you have the cues for re-reading the story of Adam and Eve from the arts and Scriptures, starting with a theatrical reading by Massimo Lazzeri.

After the official opening, the Religion Today stage, in collaboration with the Trento Archdiocese Cultural Office, will host an initial debate of various viewpoints. The main participants will be the filmmaker Alina Marazzi and the theologian Brunetto Salvarani: the first a sensitive interpreter of the female condition, the second a multi-faceted intellectual attentive also to popular culture.

Alina Marazzi
Maker of documentaries and film. Un’ora sola ti vorrei (2002) was her own first film documentary, founded on her poetics, entirely made from family films; she then went on to make Per Sempre e Vogliamo anche le rose, which which she continued the investigation into the female condition that lies at the centre of her latest fiction film, Tutto parla di te, with Charlotte Rampling. In 2014 she made Confini, a short film which matches films from the Great War archives to the poetic verse of Mariangela Gualtieri. Anna Piaggi, una visionaria nella moda is her most recent documentary.

Brunetto Salvarani
Theologian, journalist and writer, editor of the magazine QOL. Lecturer of Missiology and Theology of dialogue at the Faculty of Theology of Emilia Romagna in Bologna, member of the editing team of the RAI 2 programme Protestantesimo and president of the Association Amici di Nevè Shalom – Waahat as-Salaam. Among his most recent books are: La Bibbia di De André (Claudiana 2015), I ponti di Babele (EDB 2015), Imitazione di Cristo (Garzanti 2015), De Judaeis (Gabrielli 2015) and Molte volte e in diversi modi (Cittadella 2016).