Filmmakers. Activists. Theologians. Communicators. Among the international guests of the 19th Religion Today Film Festival, appear some extraordinary female figures in the frontline for equal rights.

Amongst whom also Ruth Colian, protagonist of the documentary "Measures of Merit", to be screened at the Teatro San Marco in Trento on the evening of Thursday 13 October.
It will be an occasion to personally meet the woman who founded a party challenging the establishment of husbands and rabbis.

Ultra-Orthodox women in Israel do not have an easy life. In their world the men decide everything. They are underpaid and have one of the lowest life expectancies of the country because they do not undergo screenings and preventative medicine. Apart from taking care of their children and homes, they often have to offer financial support to their husbands, who dedicate themselves to studying the Scriptures. Getting involved in the public domain and taking part in political life would appear to be out of the question.

Yet Ruth Colian, 34 years old, a Law graduate, with an up-to-date Facebook following, is fighting for change. Convinced that the women of her community are not represented by the Haredi politicians who sit in parliament, in 2015 she founded the first Ultra-Orthodox Women’s party (B’Zchutan) and she stood for election to the Knesset. The results of the vote did not enable her to gain the majority required to be elected, but a road was opened, and at the next elections the Haredi women – alone in the polling booth – will have the chance to lend their support to a political movement which tackles head on such questions as women’s salaries, divorce, domestic violence and gender relations.

In collaboration with the Department for Equal Opportunities and the Councilwoman for Equality of the Autonomous Province of Trento