On the morning of Saturdaty October 21st, at the Sala Aurora of Palazzo Trentini, in Trento, the International Jury, the SIGNS Jury - consisting of Guido Convents (Belgium), Magali Van Reeth (France), Blanca Maria Monzon (Argentina) and Matteo Asti (Italy) - and the Special Juries of the 20° Religion Today Film Festival awarded the following prizes.

International Jury Awards
  • Grand prize "In the spirit of faith"
    Exploring the recent history of Italian society, the scope and the hopeful spirituality, brought about in this masterfully made documentary, demonstrates the need for peace.
  • Best feature film
    The beautiful cinematographic backdrop lends itself to well-portrayed conflicting dynamics of a family returning home from a war zone. The authentic interpretation of the Kazakh protagonist brings to the screen an emotional journey of togetherness.
  • Best short movie
    A well rounded comedy, depicting the possible co-existence of Jews and Muslims in a multicultural society. The moral of the story encourages the pursuit of choosing one's own path.
  • Best documentary
    This tragical portrayal, approached delicately by voicing the story of vulnerable children and youth at times of war, successfully tackled the challenges of documenting some of the realities refugees face.
  • Special mention
    The traditionally bleak and horrifying subject matter of exorcism is handled with humor and wisdom, by creating the contrast between therapist priests and their hooked patients.
  • Special mention
    This film highlights the unique spirituality of Sufism and the tradition of the Chechen culture, much important in today's political and social environment.
SIGNIS Jury Awards
    A documentary that summarizes Ermanno Olmi’s amazing career and offers a portrait of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini as an emblematic figure of the contemporary Catholic Church and Italian society. A work that moves you emotionally and where all the technical aspects give rise to a film of clear and deep poetry.
  • Special mention
    An uplifting film in the background of the wonderful stories of Central Asia where the loveof a son for his father is more important than his own life. If in the heart of every refugee there is a desire to return to their fatherland, in order to do so it’s necessary to travel along a hard path that does not always lead to the promised paradise.
  • Special Prize 20th Religion Today Film Festival
    In the adventures of a kosher butcher, intercultural and intergenerational issues are handled in a comical manner. The protagonist of the film understands that what he considers a foreign and hostile culture is actually very similar to his own. He discovers a practical way to overcome differences.
Special Juries Awards
  • People and religions: film
    Jury CinemAMoRe coordinamento cinema trentino
    For the sensitive way it portrays the distress of the child together with that of the mother through the use of very powerful descriptive images. From clear dialogues very close to reality, reinforced by flawless acting, to powerful communicative looks and close-ups.
  • People and religions: documentary
    Jury CinemAMoRe coordinamento cinema trentino
    For the originality of the story told, the accurate documenting of gathering and editing of extraordinary visual material, for the evocative reflection on modern society in Ethipia and beyond.
  • Challenges
    Inter-religious jury Municipality of Arco
    For the intensity of a female portrait which combines a homage to maternal love with its unyielding courage. For the subtle irony, capable of revealing small-mindedness and violence of masculine fanaticism and misogyny in Taleban fighting, thus launching the long fight for the emancipation of Afghan women.
  • In the spirit of peace
    Jury Forum Trentino for Peace and Human Rights
    For its ability to carefully deal with themes such as desertion and post-traumatic stress disorder from a soldier’s point of view. Paralysis and the sense of impotence generated in him also highlight the positive role of women, able to face up to difficulties and prejudice in a traditional society.
  • Special mention
    Jury Forum Trentino for Peace and Human Rights
    For the ability to deal with such a complex theme such as that of ISIS recruitment in a way which is accessible by everyone, creating an intriguing suspense which keeps you rooted to the screen and makes the ending of the film particularly effective and incisive. The film represents an important reflection on the thin line that separates each of us from fundamentalism.
  • Migration and coexistence - ex aequo
    Jury Cinformi Information Center for Immigration P.A.T.
    Perfectly balanced between despair and reflection, "A new home" in an unusual reversal of style and gravity tells the tale of forced migration. The aim is not that of revealing the fear of those arriving but instead that of those who welcome the migrants whether provoked or self-induced. A contribution technically well-made on a topical issue – that of migration – which requires new and more efficient narrative approaches capable of reaching a wider audience, often distracted and even hostile.
  • Migration and coexistence - ex aequo
    Jury Cinformi Information Center for Immigration P.A.T.
    In very few enjoyable minutes, rich in stylistic citations, the film touches on some of the key themes of the phenomenon of migration: prejudices, stereotypes, welcome, dialogue, work and, naturally, the need for a home. A "concentrated" appetizer served with an effective dose of humour, with a nod to the youngest viewers whom this film can teach a lot.
  • New Outlooks
    Jury Salesian Pontifical University
    For being able to develop a complex topical subject such as racial prejudice and the welcoming of refugees with depth, yet without lingering too long or overstepping the mark by taking sides, which might result in a useless debate. The film is a valid instrument for reflecting on integration which has as its aim respect for differences and the promotion of human dignity. All this with excellent technical and expressive resolution.
  • Special Mention
    Jury Salesian Pontifical University
    For the light-hearted and amusing way in which the filmmaker has managed to tell a story about dialogue and understanding between two religious cultures too often in disagreement, but with a tradition of respect and tolerance which augurs well for the future.
  • Best soundtrack
    Jury of the Music Conservatory "F.A. Bonporti" Trento
    For the undoubted musical quality, for its musical references and above all for the importance the filmmaker has given to the soundtrack, which represents an indispensable element of the economic narrative style of Rachimov’s work.